Spring and Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

By Erin Valentine on April 14, 2013

As soon as the trees start to flower, your mailbox begins to fill with the inevitable onslaught of wedding invitations. You could set your watch to when you have to start filling up the Saturdays on your calendar in the spring and summer.

Weddings are a fun time to celebrate love, family and friends. They are also a great excuse to go shopping and buy a few great dresses to show off your cool style. Here are some up-and-coming trends for this year’s wedding season:

Peplum – Embrace this trendy style and your curves with a peplum dress. Find one in a light, bright color, or even one with pretty floral prints.

Lace – Go classic with a dress with lace detail. Light, delicate and feminine, lace adds a great touch to wedding attire.

Pleats – Take a bit of a preppy turn and find a dress that has some great, flattering pleats. With slimming lines, pleats are perfect for a clean, put-together look.

Mullet – This is a great way to show some leg, while also keeping it classy. Mullet dresses are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of their cool style and wear one in either a neutral color with great accessories or in a bright, fun, summery color!

Floral – You can never go wrong with floral prints in the spring and summer. Just be careful that you don’t pick out anything too busy or too matronly.

Polka dot – Have a little more fun with polka dots. If you’re really daring, try a classic black and white polka dot with some hot red heels.

Maxi – Go with a more relaxed vibe with a maxi dress. Just make sure you pick one that is dressy enough for a wedding, and not one that looks like you just stepped off the beach.

Shift – This is hands down the best way to wear a daring color. A shift dress allows for a simple cut that displays a beautiful, bright color.

Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses


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