Taphouse is tapping out of the Elon bar scene

College Street Taphouse is closed until further notice

College Street Taphouse is closed until further notice, Photo by Erin Valentine

By Erin Valentine

Returning Elon University students were expecting a lot of changes to campus this semester.

Yet, many were surprised to hear that College Street Taphouse, a regular part of Elon’s nightlife, had shut its doors.

The lease owner, Chris Russell, is believed to have let his lease run out, for both Taphouse and Town Table, as to focus on other business ventures.

The ownership of both establishments fell back to Elon University. The administration is now trying to decide what to do with the two buildings.

Kyle Koach, a junior and Stage Chair for the Student Union Board (SUB), offered some ideas that the administration is tossing around for the now vacant buildings.

Original plans were for Taphouse to be converted into office space for either student organizations or university administration. However, new plans have been proposed.

“It was suggested that it be turned into a programmable space for students and that caught some wind,” said Koach.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 2.59.52 PMIf the plans go through, student organizations would be able to reserve the bar. Since the space already comes with a stage and DJ booth, all students would have to do is hire a bartender through Aramark. Guests would be carded.

“From what I understand, it will be pretty easy to do,” said Koach.

While College Street Taphouse has been an Elon tradition for many, some students are ready to see its next phase.

Brian Mezerski, junior at Elon University, said, “The choice made by the owner to close is respectable. I look forward to the great options the space will offer.”


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