Back to the Basics: WWOOF Offers Organic Opportunities

By Erin Valentine

According to the Isabella Cannon Global Education Center, roughly 72% of students study abroad. In contrast, 1% of all alumni live abroad, according to the Martin Alumni Center at Elon University.

Many students at Elon travel while at school, yet do not stay abroad after graduation.

The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms program offers an option to work on organic farms all over the world in exchange for accommodations and a learning experience.

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According to the WWOOF website, volunteers pay a $30 membership fee to WWOOF that allows for a year of access to their database of host farms. Volunteers are also required to pay for transportation to the farm.

The only requirements are that the volunteer is at least 18-years-old and no past experience is required.

Learning experiences can last any where from a few days to a few months. Host farms are located all over the globe and a volunteer can choose to go to any country he desires.

There are registered host farms in nearby Burlington and Efland.

Emma Kwiatkowski, junior at Elon University, heard about the program from a friend of hers who is participating in it next year.

“She loves to try new things and travel and help people, so WWOOF is an excellent program for her. She’s deciding between Greece, New Zealand and Spain,” said Kwiatkowski.

Courtesy of WWOOF

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