BuzzFeed: The New News

By Erin Valentine

It’s the bane of every teacher’s existence. It clutters everyone’s Facebook homepage. It draws you in with articles like, “10 Peculiar Works of Art Featuring Donald Trump” and “23 Moments of Beyoncé Realness.”

BuzzFeed is the new source of all things viral. It’s a platform where articles and videos are posted about topics ranging from “twerking” to the suspected chemical warfare in Syria.

BuzzFeed joins the other web outlets, such as Twitter and Vine, that encourage less content for faster consumption.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Elon students have joined the fad and fallen under the spell of catchy titles and easy-to-read lists.

Mary Kate Brogan, a junior at Elon University, said, “BuzzFeed’s content is simple, creative and incredibly shareable. It’s also just the right amount of cocky. Their headlines almost always use superlatives that are nearly impossible to ignore and they have kind of made Internet-speak a real thing beyond 4chan and reddit.”

While there are many critics out there who don’t like the idea of news being condensed down to its simplest form or do not approve of BuzzFeed’s sometimes “meaningless” content, Elon University junior Katie Maraghy sees a more positive aspect of BuzzFeed’s content.

Maraghy said, “While it isn’t a conventional venue for news, it may educate a percentage of those clicking on the site without them realizing, not unlike The Colbert Report where many tune in for comedy, and absorb some national news along the way.”

Who knows? Maybe one day, news about the world economy will be on the same page as a list of cute kittens.


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