Technology in the Food Industry

The purpose of my curation is going to center around technological developments in the food industry. I am interested to follow the numerous developments that are coming in the industry. The constant innovations in technology and my strong interest in the food and culinary industry will truly fuel this curation. From genetically modified food to test-tube foods, technology is always changing the way we see food. My curation is going to follow the most recent additions, and their repercussions.

Web Sources:

  • Forbes – Food/Drink Section
    • Forbes is a well established site on its own. By using its Food and Drink section, I will be able to understand the business aspects of certain stories. They also have a variety of topics that they cover from a multitude of angles that could easily lead me to other links.
  • The New York Times – Dining Section
    • With one of the best dining sections in today’s newspapers, The New York Times will provide great articles on the dining industry itself. I plan to use the articles as bases to possibly find other related links and lump them together. The New York Times also has really touching personal stories that often reference current developments in the dining business.
  • Food Safety Magazine
    • Food safety, as a subject, deals a lot with technology. Food Safety Magazine has a plethora of information that addresses either the benefit of technological advances in the food industry, or the negative repercussions of its use. Food Safety Magazine also provides many helpful links to outside blogs.
  • Mashable
    • Mashable is one of the best technology sites out there. If I just do a simple search for food-related stories on their website, I easily have access to stories based around technology. Mashable will be incredibly helpful as a building block for my curation.
  • Huffington Post – Food
    • Huffington Post has mass amounts of information come in. Food and technology both have an expansive amount of articles for each topic. Huffington Post would be a great resource for article links.
  • Wired
    • Wired is a great technology website where I can food on the technology aspect of technology in the food industry. Wired focuses on technological innovations and the latest news in technology. By simple search regarding the food industry, I can find a lot of sources.
  • Food + Tech Connect
    • A great website that connects so many interesting articles and events about today’s technological innovations in the food industry. This is one of the main websites that I believe I can draw inspiration from.
  • Friends of the Earth Blog
    • One of the blogs I will use, Friends of the Earth focuses on the repercussions of technology in the food industry. This will be helpful for links to sources. I also will be able to see the side effects of certain issues.
  • Food and Drink Technology 
    • Food and Drink Technology is a magazine and newsletter with articles directly pertaining to my topic. They also have links to blogs with similar topics. I will be able to use Food and Drink Technology for links, as they have almost daily article updates.
  • The Food Techie 
    • The Food Techie is a blog with occasional updates on food technology. I could easily use The Food Techie as a building block for my curation. They have contributors which could lead to new links pertaining to my topic.

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