Chipotle and Feedie and Video Games, Oh My! – Technological innovations entertain food consumers

By Erin Valentine

Food and technology go hand-in-hand, like apps and Chipotle, video games and vegetables, and food pictures and philanthropy.

Sound a little strange? Well, keep on reading.

Feedie: Food Photography and Philanthropy

Mario Batali and The Lunchbox Fund just launched Feedie, an app where whenever you upload a picture of your meal, they donate the monetary equivalent of a meal. The Lunchbox Fund raises money for meals for South African schoolchildren.

Chipotle: Application for Sustainability


Courtesy of Mashable

Chipotle released a mobile game earlier this month to promote food sustainability. Chipotle, the popular Mexican food company, has always been a big supporter of sustainability food practices. This applications offers a way to educate players on fresh food and sustainability.

Food Practice Shooter: Video Games and Vegetables

To encourage kids to eat their vegetables, a Japanese game creator invented Food Practice Shooter. The game works by connecting positive feelings to eating vegetable-flavored cookies, all while keeping a city safe from giant vegetables.


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