Elon students help Andrews Elementary School stay active

By Erin Valentine

90 percent of students at R. Homer Andrews Elementary School in Burlington, N.C. are from families that earn a low wage. And 46 percent of its fourth grade students are above the 85th percentage for height and weight.


Courtesy of R. Homer Andrews Elementary School

These numbers have made R. Homer Andrews Elementary School eligible for a $1,000 grant from the Active Schools Acceleration Project.

The grant is going to be used to generate an interest in students becoming more active, and to help students understand the importance of lifelong health.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students will be asked to walk at least 100 miles over the course of the school year by tallying their laps around the school’s outdoor track.

Elon University students Olivia Mackey and Kimberly Schneider are traveling to R. Homer Andrews Elementary to encourage the students to complete their 100 miles.

“In Burlington, sometimes taking part in programming is hard with recreational sports and dance programs and such,” said Liz Bailey, an instructor in the Elon University Department of Health and Human Performance. “They’re cost-prohibitive.”


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