Elon University professors to clear their schedules for academic advising

By Erin Valentine

It is fast approaching. With sweaty palms and fluttering hearts, students will soon be signing up for their spring semester courses.

To help prepare students, Elon University has requested that its faculty have a quiet period, where they try to keep their schedules as open as possible for students.

The week before preregistration, Oct. 30 to Nov. 6., Elon students will meet with their advisors to discuss their future.

“One of the key activities we value on campus is the academic advising conversations with students held in advance of preregistration,” said Steven House, Elon University provost.

Elon University is unique in its student-centered advising. Students are matched with an advisor in their discipline.

Students are now also able to view their Elon Experiences Transcripts on OnTrack.

“The research is clear that these conversations are critical to the academic success of Elon students,” said House. ” Elon students need support as they plan for, reflect upon, and evaluate their own progress in this great learning adventure.”



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