LIVE BLOG: Steve Wozniak speaks at Elon University’s Fall Convocation

Photos and Article by Erin Valentine

Technology needs a human’s touch, and Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc., believes strongly in the combination of humanity and technology.

Wozniak headlined Elon University’s 125th fall convocation with his address, “Fostering Creativity & Innovation in a Technical Environment,” today in the Alumni Gym.

The following are some direct quotations given by Wozniak during his speech.


5:00 – “We need to have the human touch, and our technology has to be like a real human.” 


Steve Wozniak speaks about the evolution of Apple, Inc.

4:59 – “This is a little level above the artificial intelligence we already have,” said Woz on Siri.

4:58 – “I want machines to understand me.”

4:57 – “It really hit the rafters when we introduced the App Store,” said Woz on the expansion of possibilities with the iPhone.

4:56 – “I really think the iPhone was the greatest product ever introduced.”

4:55 – “He was designing products that didn’t require people to be engineers to use them,” said Woz on why Jobs and Apple became so successful.

4:51 – “We wanted to be the company with the easy computers.” 

4:49 – “It allowed us a lot of growth and expandability,” said Woz on having eight slots in the computer.

4:47 – “Las Vegas, I’d heard about that city. What a special magical place it must be,” said Woz, to a round of chuckles, on going to a technology conference.

4:44 – “This was the start of it. We knew we had a hot product.”

4:42 – “Steve came back from Oregon and said, ‘Let’s start a company’.” 

4:41 – “You do the right things if you have common sense.” 

4:39 – “Nobody had expected a low-cost computer would have color.” 

4:38 – “In the digital world, I’ve got 1s and 0s.”

4:38 – “What is color in the analog television world?” 

4:35 – “Sometimes you make your best decisions when you’re forced to.”  

4:34 – “You have to make something affordable.”

4:34 – “This is my formula to owning the computer that I told my dad I would own someday.” 

4:32 – “He was searching for the formula – how do you get there,” said Woz on Job’s ambition.

4:31 – “He was more of the true hippie,” said Woz of Jobs.

4:30 – “I’m going to build a device that puts letters on my TV.”

4:24 – “I called myself an engineer’s engineer.”

4:23 – “They hired me as an engineer, on the spot,” said Woz on being hired by HP.

4:22 – “Every year of college was the best I’d had. And the next was better yet.” 

4:20 – “We decided that the Beatles were just nice pop music. We were into Bob Dylan, intellectual thought and content,” said Woz on he and Steve Job’s musical tastes.

4:18 – “Steve and I, you know, we met each other on the sidewalk. And we didn’t talk about technology too much, we talked about the pranks we did in high school.”

4:17 – “Always make it fun,” said Woz on completing assignments in life.


Steve Wozniak spoke to a full, eager crowd in Elon University’s Alumni Gym

4:16 – “I should have been a psychology major. Playing with rats in a maze,” said Woz on playing pranks in college.

4:15 – “Electronics is fun when other people don’t know about it.”

4:14 – “You do what you have to do, especially when you have limited resources in life.” 

4:13 – “I became so good at this, my main value of life was to make things simpler.” 

4:11 – “The smartest people in the world tend to leave doors unlocked.”

4:10 – “I kept trying to do better and better and better and figure out techniques other people didn’t think of.”

4:09 – “The speed of the computer wasn’t enough… The idea came from a human.”  

4:08 – “I wrote a program called the knight’s tour of chess.”

4:07 – “The way to pull pranks is to tell no one else you’re doing them.”

4:05 – “When you learn them on your own, or you have a personal reason, or a personal experience… Those are what push you and have the most meaning in your life.”

4:04 – “I’ve found a lot of times when you joke, people take it as real.”

4:03 – “Help them go in the direction that is really, truly inside of them,” said the Woz on raising kids.

4:02 – “Just learn a lot of steps in life. And make good decisions.”

4:01 – “I grew up, kind of, a little bit shy. An outsider if you will.”

3:50 – Steve Wozniak – “Technology is going to be the solution to the great problems of the world.”


Janet Fuller, chaplain, leads prayer before Elon University’s Fall Convocation

3:52 – Janna Anderson gives Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, an introduction

3:47 – Rev. Dr. Janet Fuller, chaplain at Elon University, and President Leo Lambert begin the convocation


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