Watch What You Put In Your Mouth – Additives, refined sugars and antibiotics

By Erin Valentine

You are what you eat. And if you’re not careful, you could become a chemically unbalanced nightmare, just from the food you consume.

Factory-made foods are causing consumers to take a closer look at the ingredients. Certain food additives should be avoided completely, or at least significantly cut down on. Generally, consumers should try to avoid food dyes, sodium nitrite and caffeine. However, too much sugar and/or salt can cause even more damage than dangerous food additives.


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About 80 percent of all packaged foods in the United States contain added sweeteners. These refined sugars can be found in almost all processed foods. It can prevent the liver from processing insulin properly, and lead to problems such as diabetes and even stroke.

Not so fun fact: About 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are meant for food animals, not for people. And even then, all those antibiotics still sometimes fail at killing bacteria in the meat consumers eat. Recently, the FDA is trying to pass Guidance 213, which stop pharmaceutical companies from marketing antibiotics just toward food animals. When livestock are routinely given antibiotics, they may actually be breeding drug-resistant bacteria.


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