Elon University breaks ground for new welcome center

Article and Video By Erin Valentine

With the glint of golden shovels and the crunching of fresh dirt, the Inman Admissions Welcome Center has officially begun construction today at the groundbreaking in the Moseley Center parking lot at Elon University.


Bill and Pat Inman and President Lambert and his wife broke ground for the new welcome center with Greg Zaiser, Photo by Erin Valentine

President Lambert and the Elon University Board of Trustees were present for the beginning of the next stage of Elon’s continuing refurbishing.


Sketch of the future building, which will be adjacent to the Moseley Center, courtesy of University Communications

According to Lambert, 41 percent of the freshmen class at Elon University did a campus visit to Elon University.

The new welcome center will include admissions, financial planning and campus visit staff in order to enhance Elon’s recruitment efforts. It will be placed adjacent to the Moseley Center and will have a two-story lobby with an atrium.

The new center will also include a theater for admissions to talk with families or large groups.

According to Greg Zaiser, vice president of Admissions and Financial Planning, the building is to be completed by January 2015. All of the departments included in the new welcome center haven’t been together in the same building in 20 years.


Greg Zaiser, vice president of Admissions and Financial Planning, discussed the opportunities the new building will offer for admissions, Photo by Erin Valentine

“Visitors turn in to applicants and applicants turn in to students,” Zaiser said.

The center is named for Elon trustees Bill and Pat Inman.

“Every time I come up there is something new and great happening,” said trustee Jack Lindley.

There was a large showing from the faculty and staff and Elon for the groundbreaking.

“I think it’s going to be absolutely fantastic as a kind of front door for the university,” said Dallas Smith, an event support specialist for the university.

Some students, especially seniors, are feeling like Elon is shifting its focus away from current students.

“Everything that is important to students now has been moved off campus,” said Elon senior Vincent Brandon Williams in reference to the Health Center and Campus Technology.

Infographic by Erin Valentine

Infographic by Erin Valentine


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