GMOs may not be that bad

By Erin Valentine

Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, may not be the biggest, baddest wolf out there. In fact, some are concerned that overuse of antibiotics is more a problem than GMOs. Antibiotics are causing for superbugs to be created that are impervious to current medicines. This particular article claimed that knowing which foods you’re eating are GMOs, versus foods pumped with antibiotics, is less of a concern.


Photo courtesy of Forbes

Another Forbes, written in conjunction with the Genetic Literacy Project, shuts down the claims that GMOs have not been properly researched. The general overview of the research that has been done so far shows that GMOs are as safe as conventional foods.

Some argue that GMOs are the only way to end world hunger. However, non-reliant initiatives have been fairly successful without aid of GMOs. The article mentions initiatives such as Helen Keller International and BRAC.


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