What’s in your food?

By Erin Valentine

Scientist Josh Tetrick is leading the research in to finding alternative plant uses for eggs. His motivation to help improve the treatment of chickens, which are stuffed into dirty cages in order for us to enjoy our omelets. It seems so far that his egg-less alternatives are still egg-cellent.

Photo courtesy of Heinz

Photo courtesy of Heinz

Companies ranging from Heinz to Nestle to Kellogg are having issues with supporting GMO labeling in the Unites States, yet they seem to be fine with it overseas. This particular article shows the rhetoric and reality of four companies who are consistently flipping back and forth from labeling to not.

Junk foods are just as they seem – junk. Yet, we continue to eat them, blindly ignoring what we already know is bad. This particular article goes into the grisly specifics of some of our favorite foods. For example, Doritos are so dang addictive because of MSG, which can increase body fat and cause nausea, dizziness and chest pains.


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