Celebrating Cyber Monday in Elon

Multimedia Reporting by Erin Valentine

As the holiday season descends upon the Unites States, the crowds of shoppers descend on stores with discounts and annual sales. Today is Cyber Monday, the day where consumers can go online and utilize companies’ online deals.

In Elon, local businesses who have seen their numbers rise in the past week are participating in the online shopping holiday.

Michaelle Graybeal, owner of All that JAS, said “Our [numbers] have been going up this whole weekend. We just started off so hopefully they keep going up.”

Graybeal has seen the success of other businesses on Cyber Monday and decided it would be beneficial to participate.

“Everyone else is doing it so we thought we’d do it too,” Graybeal said.

All that JAS is a store in Elon that is known for its custom products, Photo by Erin Valentine

All that JAS is a store in Elon that is known for its custom products,
Photo by Erin Valentine

Another business in the Elon Town Center, Barnes & Noble, is also partaking in the day’s discounts.

Bobbie Wheeler, general merchandise manager at Barnes & Noble in Elon, stated that one of their sales was 25% off any fleece, with the sale being online only.

Randy Moser, an instructor of marketing at Elon University, thinks that Cyber Monday is a positive booster for the economy.

“I think it helps businesses and gives consumers a choice,” said Moser. “I think it’s a great holiday and I think it’s here to stay and I think it helps the economy.”

Infographic by Erin Valentine

Infographic by Erin Valentine

While some Elon students may be participating, others are aware of the sales but are choosing not to participate.

“I have never actually participated in Cyber Monday,” said Elon freshman Riley Billman. “I think it’s a pretty good thing since Black Friday can be kind of dangerous for a bunch of people in the same place all rushing. While as with Cyber Monday, you don’t have that, it’s just you know ordering it on your computer and it’s a lot safer to partake in.”


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