Feminist Activism Project Coverage

A project that started as a class assignment has evolved into something much bigger. My fellow classmate (and friend) and I created a media literacy project that pointed out the sexist headlines in entertainment journalism. We deconstructed the headlines and recreated them to be more feminist-friendly. The INCREDIBLY cool result that we’ve gotten from this project is the amount of sites that have helped spread our message. Here is a link to the original project, called Breaking News: Deconstructing Entertainment Journalism. The spread of our project has helped us in our overall goal to bring awareness to media literacy and start a conversation on sexism in entertainment journalism. You can also learn about our project, and some of our findings, from the outlets that have covered it!

The Huffington Post

Lady Collective

Legendary Women


Jaipur Women Blog

Livskick Blog

The Stir

Take a look at our project and let us know your feedback!


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