Website Header

Here is a header I made for a group project website on crime and community in Burlington, NC. It’s simple but it was a fun challenge to figure out how to make the handcuffs from scratch on Illustrator.



Page Layout for The Edge

Here is a page layout I designed for my university’s magazine, The Edge.

Edge Design

Smoking Survey Infographic

Smoking_UPDATEDHere is an infographic I made for The Pendulum. The story it accompanied was an opinions piece on banning smoking on Elon University’s campus.

Revamp of Cooking Blog

I have recently given my cooking blog an update. A new header for my social media and a more visual website have really given it a new feel. Here is the header I created. Click here to see the new website format.



I recently helped a friend prepare her resume for her semester in London. Here’s an example of some toying around I did with InDesign to practice my skills.

Maraghy_Resume copy copy

Digital Media Convergence – Photoshop Design Project

To continue our education in Photoshop, we were assigned a project in which we would try and describe our culture. For this project, I wanted to focus on creativity. The images that I overlaid on my hands are paintings I have done. The henna effect emphasizes the process of creativity, and creating with your hands.


Digital Media Convergence – Photoshop – Magazine Cover

To further our Photoshop skills, we used some of our photography from a previous project to create a magazine cover. This project helped us to utilize the various tools on Photoshop. I chose to focus on a passion of mine: cooking and tea! (Check out my cooking blog: The Amateur Rookie Chef!)