Sunrise Over the Blue Ridge


Kristin Ruffe for Campus Kitchen at Elon University

Waves – A GoPro Experiment

Fashion Photoshoot

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Digital Media Convergence – Loaves and Fishes – The Process (Long)

This was our second experience editing video in Avid Media Composer. We used our previous footage and included an interview for this video. Here is the longer version of “The Process” at Loaves and Fishes.

Digital Media Convergence – Loaves and Fishes – The Process (Short)

For this project, we focused on editing video in Avid Media Composer. We went to a local food pantry to get footage to make a promotional video for their website. My partner and I had the subject of “The Process”. Here is the shorter version of our video, and our first experience editing video footage on Avid.

Digital Media Convergence – Multimedia – Kat’s Fashion Fix

A video project we had for Digital Media Convergence was a multimedia project. We had to have a story of some sort, made of pictures, and compiled into Avid Media Composer. I also happen to take/edit pictures for a friend of mine’s fashion blog (Check it out at: Kat’s Fashion Fix Blog). I decided to make something that I already had some pictures of AND something my friend could use for her site. This was my first solo attempt at editing on Avid. I had previously used Final Cut Pro X to edit video; however, Elon University decided it was time to switch programs. Here is the finished product, enjoy!