Fall Foodies – Simple Ingredients & Simple Recipes

By Erin Valentine

These 13 simple ingredients can make you six delicious meals!

Ingredients:  Milk, Butter, Chicken, Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic Salt, Pepper, Olive Oil, Rice, Black Beans, Pasta, Minced Turkey Meat, Shredded Mozzarella Cheese & Spaghetti Sauce

Turkey Burgers


·       1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

·       2 tsp. Garlic salt

·       2 tsp. Pepper

·       1 lb. Minced turkey meat


1.     Mix together all four ingredients in a bowl with your hands. Then, form patties about the size of the palm of your hand.

2.     On the stove, heat a skillet over medium-high heat.

3.     Place patties into skillet. Cook for at least 5 minutes and then flip the patty.

4.     Cook until the outside is slightly dark brown and the inside is no longer pink, so about ten minutes.

Spaghetti and Meatballs


·       1 tsp. Garlic salt

·       1 tsp. Pepper

·       1 lb. Minced turkey meat

·       1 box of pasta


1.     Combine garlic salt, pepper and turkey meat in a large bowl. Mix with hands.

2.     Form into balls and cook for 20 minutes at 350˚F.

3.     While meatballs are cooking, cook the pasta of your choosing according to the box directions.

4.     Drain pasta, and in same pot heat up the spaghetti sauce.

5.     Once meatballs are done, add them to the spaghetti saucepot and mix gently.



Mac and Cheese


·       1 ¼ c. Milk

·       4 tbsp. Butter

·       ½ tsp. Pepper

·       1 ½ c. Pasta

·       ½ c. Shredded mozzarella cheese


1.     Cook pasta of your choosing according to the box directions.

2.     Mix together milk, butter, pepper and cheese. Stir in cooked pasta.

3.     Spoon into a greased casserole dish, and cover.

4.     Bake at 325˚F for 45 minutes.

Skillet Chicken Dinner


·       1 tbsp. Olive oil

·       1 tsp. Pepper

·       1 tsp. Garlic salt

·       2 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

·       3 Skinless, boneless chicken breasts

·       Rice

·       Fresh carrots or spinach


1.     On the stove, heat a skillet with olive oil over medium-high heat. Once hot, carefully place chicken in pan.

2.     Pour Worcestershire sauce, garlic salt and pepper over both sides of the chicken.

3.     Cook each side of the chicken for about five minutes. You may need to cook it up to 15 minutes or longer depending on the     thickness. Cut a breast in half to see if any pink is left. Once it is completely white, the chicken is cooked.

4.     While chicken is cooking, you can cook a side of rice, according to the package directions.

5.     You can also steam up some fresh carrots or spinach for a dash of color.

Rice and Bean Bowl


·       1 tsp. Pepper

·       1 c. Rice

·       1 can Black beans

·       ½ c. Cheese


1.     Cook rice according to package directions

2.     In a separate pot, heat up black beans, stirring occasionally. Add pepper.

3.     Once rice is cooked, add to a bowl and give yourself your desired ratio of beans to rice. Sprinkle with cheese.

4.     This recipe is incredibly simple and cheap to make. You can add anything from hot sauce to chicken to vegetables to make it more exciting and tasty.

Pasta with Alfredo Sauce


·       Milk

·       Butter

·       Garlic salt

·       Pepper

·       Pasta


1.     Cook pasta according to box directions.

2.     In a separate saucepan, heat milk and butter over medium heat.

3.     Add in garlic salt and pepper. Stir occasionally.

4.     Once boiling, bring to a simmer and let sit while your pasta cooks. Then serve!

5.     You may need to add a little bit of flour to thicken the sauce.

6.     This recipe is super simple. Add whatever you’d like to make it your own unique recipe!


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Spring and Summer Music Festivals

By Erin Valentine on March 20, 2013




Where: Indio, Ca. 

When: April 12-14, April 19-21

Line-Up: 2 Chainz, Alex Clare, Baauer, Bassnectar, Dropkick Murphys, Franz Ferdinand, Janelle Monae, La Roux, Of Monsters and Men, Parov Stelar Band, Passion Pit, Purity Ring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tegan and Sara, The XX, The Neighbourhood, The Lumineers, The Wombats, Two Door Cinema Club, Vampire Weekend and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Tickets: General admission: $399

Clothes: HIPPIE CHIC – Sunglasses, boho hats, mixed prints, boots and denim shorts



Where: West Palm Beach, Fl. 

When: May 1-5

Line-Up: Train, Ed Sheeran, Mac Miller, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, Barenaked Ladies, Cheap Trick and Gavin DeGraw

Tickets: General admission: around $65

Clothes: MODESTY – More of a family event, so keep it modest 



Where: Manchester, Tenn. 

When: June 13-16

Line-Up: Mumford & Sons, Paul McCartney, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, The XX, The Lumineers, Passion Pit, Of Monsters and Men, Wu-Tang Clan and R. Kelly

Tickets: General admission: $269.50

Clothes: ARMY HIPSTER – Combat boots, bright clothes and animal prints


Warped Tour 

Where: Select Cities 

When: June 15 – Aug. 4

Line-Up: Hawthrone Heights, The Early November, Allstar Weekend, Motion City Soundtrack, 3OH!3 and Bowling for Soup

Tickets: General admission: around $45

Clothes: ROCKER CHIC – Jean shorts and rocker shirts/tanks 



Where: Dover, DE

When: June 21-23

Line-Up: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Vampire Weekend, Foster the People, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Avett Brothers, Calvin Harris, Passion Pit, MGMT, Ellie Goudling, The Lumineers, Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Zedd and Matt & Kim

Tickets: General admission: $258

Clothes: SUMMER RELAXATION – Bathing suits, jean shirts, Bright colors and Chucks



Where: Chicago, IL

When: August 2-4

Line-Up: (RUMORED) The Cure, Jay-Z, Mumford & Sons, Blur, Skrillex, The Flaming Lips, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tegan & Sara, Alabama Shakes

Tickets: $230 for a three-day pass

Clothes: STREET CHIC – Striped tank, ripped jeans short, fedora, combat boots and messy, yet tamed, hair


Electric Daisy Carnival 

Where: Las Vegas, Nev. 

When: June 21-23 

Line-Up: TBA

Tickets: 18+: $326, 21+: $548

Clothes: RAVE WEAR – Light Up Bra, Fuzzy Boots, Booty shorts, Cat ears and a brightly colored wig


Spring and Summer Music Festivals 

Spring and Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

By Erin Valentine on April 14, 2013

As soon as the trees start to flower, your mailbox begins to fill with the inevitable onslaught of wedding invitations. You could set your watch to when you have to start filling up the Saturdays on your calendar in the spring and summer.

Weddings are a fun time to celebrate love, family and friends. They are also a great excuse to go shopping and buy a few great dresses to show off your cool style. Here are some up-and-coming trends for this year’s wedding season:

Peplum – Embrace this trendy style and your curves with a peplum dress. Find one in a light, bright color, or even one with pretty floral prints.

Lace – Go classic with a dress with lace detail. Light, delicate and feminine, lace adds a great touch to wedding attire.

Pleats – Take a bit of a preppy turn and find a dress that has some great, flattering pleats. With slimming lines, pleats are perfect for a clean, put-together look.

Mullet – This is a great way to show some leg, while also keeping it classy. Mullet dresses are popping up everywhere. Take advantage of their cool style and wear one in either a neutral color with great accessories or in a bright, fun, summery color!

Floral – You can never go wrong with floral prints in the spring and summer. Just be careful that you don’t pick out anything too busy or too matronly.

Polka dot – Have a little more fun with polka dots. If you’re really daring, try a classic black and white polka dot with some hot red heels.

Maxi – Go with a more relaxed vibe with a maxi dress. Just make sure you pick one that is dressy enough for a wedding, and not one that looks like you just stepped off the beach.

Shift – This is hands down the best way to wear a daring color. A shift dress allows for a simple cut that displays a beautiful, bright color.

Spring & Summer Wedding Guest Dresses

How to Be the Best Summer Intern

By Erin Valentine on April 21, 2013

You’ve gone through countless hours of research, applications and interviews. You’ve bought the perfect office attire. You’ve held your breath every time you get an email, hoping to hear if all your work paid off. “CONGRATULATIONS! We would like to invite you to be a part of our summer internship team!”

Now what? You have the job, so now you get to focus on how to be the absolute best summer intern ever. To help you along the way, here are some tips:

Excitement, Enthusiasm & Energy

While your internship may count for academic credit and may be a requirement, don’t act like that is the only reason you’re at the office. Be enthusiastic about your internship! Be excited for the tasks you’re given to do! Have energy every day (or fake it) and be ready for anything. If an intern is clearly interested in spending their summer doing this job, a company is much more likely to hire you post-graduation, or at least give you a great recommendation.

Ask Questions

An internship drops you into an environment where people doing exactly what you want to do after college will surround you. Take advantage of this! Ask questions. Pick peoples’ minds. Get an idea of the industry you’re entering in to, and how you can make your transition into the working world easier.


The best part of an internship is the fact that you gain experience in your intended field. However, if you just sit at your desk, do what you’re told and leave, you are not taking as much from the internship are you could. Be motivated to go after what you want to get from the internship! If you want to gain something specific from your internship, go and get it.


Interns are the worker bees of an office. You may be asked to get coffee from the coffee shop next door. You may be asked to run halfway across town to conduct an interview. Whatever is asked of you, be ready to do it. Have an open mind and be flexible everyday.


Be. On. Time. Be early, even. But whatever you do, do NOT be late!


While all internships have different atmospheres, you should still be professional. That means not texting all day, cursing, being rude, etc. Honestly, use your common sense, and when in doubt, just don’t do anything stupid.

How to Be the Best Summer Intern